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Maximizing Success with Waldrip Real Estate Gear

Promoting yourself successfully is critical to Real Estate success as a Real Estate Agent. One simple way to make yourself Highly-Visible is marketing with Real Estate Gear. 1. Make sure your car has a Waldrip Real Estate Tag and Magnetic sig...

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“Poaching Listings” or Reciprocity?

When an agent purposely puts his/her own name on the advertising of another agent’s listing, it is known as “poaching.” Not only is this a violation of the Georgia Real Estate License Law, Rules, and Regulations, but it is not an ethica...

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Online Marketing Summary – ListHub February 2019

ListHub Monthly Account Summary February 2019 For the month of February, ListHub distributed 40 listings for your brokerage from Georgia Multiple Listing Service. You have chosen 28 publishers for online marketing. Total number of...

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Connect with Qualified Buyers Using Facebook Ads

The average American consumer spends roughly 40 minutes of her day liking, commenting, and scrolling through posts on Facebook. In between Internet memes and viral videos, how do you get her to pay attention to you? With over a dozen ad form...

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Generate leads from your Gym Membership

Leads are critical to success in real estate. One way to generate more leads is from your hobby. While participating you need to take the mindset that you are working! A great example is a gym membership. Join a gym! Not only do you become h...

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Generate leads from your Child’s School.

Leads are critical to success in real estate. One way to generate more leads is from the school your children attend. Get involved in everything! It will be great for your child that you are involved and always there. Don’t forget to always t...

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4 Non Awkward Networking Tips for Beginners

Beginners usually have a hard time when it comes to doing a number of things regardless of what industry they find themselves in. There’s always that rookie mistake that we’ve all encountered and felt back when we were still new in the comp...

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Why Real Estate Marketing Content Should Be Visual

Have you tried analyzing and evaluating the results of your social media posts in the past few weeks? You might have noticed that there’s a higher rate for impressions on posts that are visual in nature such as photos and infographics. That...

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