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100% Commission

It’s No Longer ‘Business As Usual’
For Real Estate Agents.

Because of external factors, Agents, in the future, will see their listing and sales commissions drop significantly. To maintain or increase your current level of income, do what more and more Agents are doing and move from your now ‘Obsolete Commission-Split Brokerage’ to a 100% Brokerage!


The Real Estate office was once the key to an Agent’s success. This changed with Technology. This means it is no longer necessary for you to give a Broker Thousands of Dollars of your hard-earned commissions or pay Franchise Fees!

At Waldrip Real Estate, our Agents earn
100% Commission plus Recruiting Bonuses!
Awesome Advantages

The most obvious advantage is you get to keep 100% of the money you make, minus a Transaction Fee, which is a Big Difference in Income. Plus you earn Recruiting Bonuses! This gives you advantages over Commission-split Real Estate Agents and advantages over other 100% Commission Agents.


80% of Real Estate Business is based on repeat clients or referrals. So don’t pay a Broker when you are generating your own leads. Instead, spend the money you save from commission splits to create even more leads.


With more money per commission, you can establish a superior marketing budget to market yourself and your listings.


With more money per commission, you could hire an Assistant to help you list and sell more.


100% Commission plus Recruiting Bonuses... it’s great to receive Recruiting Bonus checks even when you don’t have a closing.

The Next Generation of Real Estate Professionals. Take your Career to the Next Level
Rynda Ellis
I joined Waldrip Real Estate as a Broker. After reviewing the numbers and realizing the difference, I made the switch.It was a good move for me. Call me and start earning 100 Commission + Recruiting Bonuses. Rynda Ellis 770-654-2237.
Jessica Walters
I joined Waldrip Real Estate as a new Agent. I receive great Training and Broker Support. I’ve had several closings and make more per closing then long-term agents with other companies. I highly recommend Waldrip Real Estate. Call me and earn more. Jessica Walters 678-943-7545.
Join our Team More and More Agents are understanding what so Many Agents have already figured out... Giving Part of your Commissions to a Broker is Crazy. Join our Team
icons 100% Commission: You Make More Money on Every Transaction.
icons Recruiting Bonuses: With Bonuses, you can make more than 100%.


100% Commission. Leads given to Agent 70/30 Split. Commercial/Land is 90/10 Split.


Monthly Fee

Among other things, monthly fee is used for Technology, Training and Broker Support.


Transaction Fee

Our Agents only pay a small transaction fee per sale instead of 10%, 20%, 30% or 40%.


Recruiting Bonuses

Our Agents earn a $200 bonus per sale or listing that sells per Agent recruited by them.

TECHNOLOGY, TRAINING & BROKER SUPPORT we offer same or similar services asother Brokers Corporate Office