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100% Commission

Agents give a part of each Commission check to a Broker. Some Agents are charged Franchise Fees.

Gone are the days of ‘Commission Splits’ and Franchise Fees paid to a Broker.

100% Commission plus Bonuses is more than just money. It gives you Advantages over your Competition. It’s about being able to establish a superior marketing budget or hire an assistant. Most Important... it’s about taking more money home to your family.

Contact Susan for a Confidential Interview 770-536-9317 770-616-7963 susan@waldriprealestate.com

Susan Marshall Managing Broker

All Real Estate Companies are
Not Created Equal

The Real Estate office was once the key to an Agent’s success. This changed with the arrival of Technology! Now, Agents are their own Company & want Maximum Commissions because they know ‘More Money means they can create More Business’. At Waldrip Real Estate, we understand there is no longer value for an Agent giving a Broker Thousands of Dollars from their Commissions or to pay Franchise Fees for No Benefit. We are DIFFERENT… Instead of Commission Splits/Franchise Fees, ours is a Dynamic 2 Income plan ‘100% Commission plus Bonuses’. We created this ‘One of a Kind’ Plan because we believe Agents deserve to Make More than 100% Commission.

-Jack Waldrip
Founder & CEO

Our Agent Plan is ‘Better than 100%’

More & More Agents are understanding what
so many Agents have already figured out…

Giving part of your Commission
to a Broker is ‘Crazy’

Cutting-Edge Technology, Training and Broker Support

Elaine Black, after 10 years of owning my own company, Hometown Real Estate Group, Inc., my team partner Diane Wilsdon and I looked at Waldrip Real Estate. I knew Susan Marshall & Jack operates his company much like I did. I’m excited about this move. Your future is here. Call me!

Rynda Ellis, after studying the Waldrip Real Estate numbers and realizing the difference I made the switch. It was a great move for me! Call me if you are interested in hearing more of my story and how to become a Waldrip Real Estate Agent.

Jessica Walters, I joined Waldrip Real Estate as a new Agent. I receive great Training and Broker Support. I’ve had several closings and am making more per closing then long-term agents with other companies. I highly recommend Waldrip Real Estate. Call me and start earning 100 Commission + Bonuses.

  • You keep 100% Commission
  • No Commission Splits
  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Technology/Marketing Fees
  • $395/per Transaction
  • E&O/per Transaction
  • Recruiting Income
  • Lead Generation
  • Technology
  • Training
  • Broker Support
  • Office Support
  • Company Branding
  • Company Email
  • Company Presence Online
  • Company Social Media & Blogging
  • Initial Cards and Signage
  • Agent Social Media
  • Personal/Property Marketing
  • Transaction/Compliance Reviews
  • Paperless Transactions
  • Agent Workspace & Meeting Rooms
  • Onsite Mortgage
  • Hud Approved

Join our growing team
of real estate professionals

Gain a Competitive Edge over Commission-split
Real Estate Companies and other 100% Brokerages.

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