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“Poaching Listings” or Reciprocity?

When an agent purposely puts his/her own name on the advertising of another
agent’s listing, it is known as “poaching.” Not only is this a violation of the Georgia Real
Estate License Law, Rules, and Regulations, but it is not an ethical way to do business.
If the listing agent provides an “unbranded” copy that other agents may send, it is
important that the agent using an unbranded flyer only provides it to his/her clients and
customers and not to the general public.
An exclusive listing is exclusive to the listing broker and empowers the listing
broker to control the advertising of the listed property. Internet and multiple listing
services enable ads and postings to be forwarded very easily, but the licensee must be
careful to include the name of the listing firm unless he/she has specific written
permission from the listing broker to do otherwise.

March 2019
Volume 15 Issue 3
Monthly Newsletter of
the Georgia Real
Estate Commission