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Maximizing Success with Waldrip Real Estate Gear

Promoting yourself successfully is critical to Real Estate success as a Real Estate Agent.
One simple way to make yourself Highly-Visible is marketing with Real Estate Gear.
1. Make sure your car has a Waldrip Real Estate Tag and Magnetic signs. Tags
are also good for other family member’s cars and they can refer to you.
2. Make sure you are ‘always’ wearing Waldrip Real Estate shirts/caps. You
never know when someone might ask you to help them with their Real Estate
needs. Wearing Waldrip Real Estate shirts/caps is perfect for photo
opportunities. What if you ran into the President of the United States? Having
a Waldrip Real shirt on could send your Real Estate career to the top! Take
pictures with your signs, in front of the office, at closings, in restaurants and
on vacations. The list of opportunities is unlimited. Post on Social Media.
3. Buy T-Shirts/caps for your clients and friends. Take pictures with them. Have
them to take pictures from unique places with gear on. Post on Social Media.
4. Attend local meetings with your gear on.
5. Give T-shirts to High School kids especially those who participate in sports.
People will relate them to you.

Waldrip Real Estate Gear is an excellent way to ‘make yourself known’ which leads to Listings and

Imagine being approached by someone you don’t even know who asks if you can help them
buy or sale just because they realize you are a Real estate Agent by your gear!
Gear also helps with Recruiting New Agents.
Now, don’t be a Cheapskate… Spend some money on gear to help you make money!!