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200 West Academy St.,
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Dare to Compare

Traditional Real Estate Brokerages, also known as Commission-Split Brokerages, divide the commission with the Agent after they help a client buy or sell a property. Agents will receive either 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90%.

Franchise Real Estate Brokerages also divide commissions with the Agent, but only after they take a Franchise Fee. Typically, a 6% Franchise Fee is taken which means an Agent on a 50% split is only making 47%, an Agent on a 60% split is only making 56.4%, an Agent on a 70% split is only making 65.8%, an Agent on a 80% split is only making 75.2% and an Agent on a 90% split is only making 84.6%.

Waldrip Real Estate Agents keep 100% Commission every time the Agent helps a client buy or sell a property minus a small Transaction Fee which is a BIG DIFFERENCE in income.

***Waldrip Real Estate is DIFFERENT from other 100% Brokerages in that Waldrip Real Estate Agents earn a 2nd ‘Bonus’ Income of $200 each time an Agent recruited by them to Waldrip Real Estate has a closing!

  • Waldrip Real Estate Agents earn 100% Commission from Day one.
  • Waldrip Real Estate Agents earn Recruiting Bonuses.
  • Waldrip Real Estate Agents receive Technology, Training and Broker support.
  • Waldrip Real Estate Agents can choose to join a Board or not to join a Board.
  • Waldrip Real Estate Agents pay No Franchise Fees.

Did you know? Less than 10% of buyers and sellers chose an Agent based on the Real Estate Company they work with which means Agents should choose a Brokerage based on earning ‘Maximum’ income.                                                           The Bottom Line No Real Estate Compensation Plan Beats Waldrip Real Estate’s 100% Commission + Bonuses!!

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